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Celoživotní vzdělávání

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  • Czechs in the Central European Cultural Context
    What is the module?
    Czechs in the Central European Cultural Context is an 11-week university lifelong learning certificate module. Focused on the interconnections between history, culture and art in Czech society, our fascinating courses will equip you with the tools to understand the past and present of Czech society in its wider Central European context. The module will also provide insights into future challenges, helping you understand how Czech society will develop as part of a Central European space being driven forward by processes of global integration. As part of the module,
    • you will explore Czech history (and the history of Czech culture and art) framed in the broader context of developments in Central Europe as a whole,
    • you will learn about major figures and movements in Czech literature and philosophy, and you will study how they shaped Europe’s cultural, political and religious landscape,
    • you will trace the transformation of Czech society throughout history up to the present day, and you will address contemporary issues and debates from a sociological perspective,
    • you will study the Czech language from beginner level (no prior knowledge of Czech is required) with the focus on developing basic fluency and communicative competence while also exploring our country’s culture and history through its language.
    The module offers a broad-based, interdisciplinary exploration of modern Czech society – a society which is currently being shaped through debates over social values, identities, and national heritage. These issues not only form an integral part of Czech history; they also play a vital role in contemporary discussions over the country’s place in Central Europe and the wider world at a time when translocal cultural exchanges and conflicts are becoming increasingly relevant.
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